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This man from Hyderabad saved 5,000 Trees

Ramachandra Appari, a 38-year-old man from Hyderabad, has found a way to ensure development does .

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Don’t Cut Trees, Just Move Them Instead;Hyderabad Man Shows How

In our rapidly growing cities, it’s the eternal dilemma – should we prioritise development or preserve trees?

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Hyderabad man moves trees instead of letting them get cut

Urban spaces are developing everyday and it is difficult to retain the trees in the area because of new bridges being built.

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Green Morning Horticulture - tree transplanting service

I found that there were no professional services being offered in the sector of landscaping

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Why Cut Down Trees When They Can Be Translocated?

Residents of Bangalore are up in arms about the proposed felling of 112 trees


This man translocates trees instead of

The man from Hyderabad uses an ancient technique that saves the trees from getting cut

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Meet Ramchandra Appari, man who relocates trees,

Hyderabad (Telangana), Mar 03 (ANI): Have you met this man who relocates trees? If you haven't then meet Ramchandra Appari

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